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"I am a counselor, trainer, and consultant. I meet individuals where they are and guide them to new understanding and connection in autism. I counsel and guide when people are in crisis due to challenging behaviors. I train people surrounding someone with autism how to guide that person to learn resiliency, approach new challenges, and engage socially. I consult when people need ideas, resources, and help to prioritize services. I have great joy in guiding parents, professionals, and loved ones to better understand autism" -Barbara Avila

What we do at Synergy Autism Center

At Synergy Autism Center we provide individual and parent-mediated intervention while also providing professional training to a variety of audiences. We support and guide parents & professionals to be the best guides for their children of any age and any ability. Parent-mediated intervention combined with specific focus on developing social engagement has proven to be the most successful combination in treating the challenges associated with autism. We guide professionals to understand autism and the importance of early foundational skills for engagement and learning.

Once an individual is ready to take on the responsibility to learn to guide his own decisions, we tailor our services to that individual and mentor(s) of their choice.

We provide parents, mentors, teachers, and other professionals the tools to connect and guide people with autism in any location around the world by incorporating the most current research in the field of autism and neurological development with parent and mentor guidance. We meet both online and in person with our clients.

We have developed specific methods that target the core issues of autism through training mentors and parents to understand and offer opportunities to guide developmental progress.

We offer parent-mediated applied behavior analysis combined with social-cognitive interventions for the most comprehensive and long lasting results. If you are seeking individuals to work directly with your child, we do not hire people to work in your homes or in our center. Rather, we provide consultation, training, and counseling to those close to the child/individual so that intervention is embedded in daily life.

Barbara Avila is the owner, lead counselor and trainer for parents and other guides. Barbara's background is in psychology, family systems, and a multitude of autism interventions. She is a strong advocate for community collaboration and brings parents and professionals the most comprehensive and cutting edge information available.

Services available through Synergy:

  • Individual family training
  • Individual teen & adult counseling/coaching
  • Home visiting and coaching
  • Team trainings and workshops, including Synergy Autism Mentorship Training
  • Consultation to individuals or teams regarding autism and/or behavior management (live, online, or recorded options available)
  • Guidance for even the most complex issues facing families, school teams, and medical professionals regarding autism
  • Online or in person services available to serve you in Portland Metro or anywhere in the world
  • Video coaching to provide you with feedback quickly and efficiently for real change
  • Live or pre-recorded segments for trainers and/or administrators to put into presentations specific to a team's needs


Barbara was certified as a Relationship Development Intervention Consultant from 2005-2018.

Barbara is level 1 Gottman Trained. For more information on the Gottman Institute, CLICK HERE.