Would you like to know how to better guide someone with autism?

At Synergy, I love being available to serve people all over the world to provide training, support, and coaching. I use online video sessions, webinars, and trainings for parents, professionals, and teams. Please find our very special Synergy Autism Mentorship Training information below, as well as our training materials available to you through a collaboration with Kristie Pretti-Frontczak who guides early education teams across the United States.

Synergy autism ONLINE COURSES

I am proud to offer my years of experience and expertise to you online so you can access the information anywhere, anytime. I call my first foundational training, the “Synergy Autism Mentorship” training or SAM training. Here, we offer the most essential ingredients for ensuring an ideal learning environment or home for someone with autism. This is for parents, family members, professionals and more. You can even send me short videos of your interactions and I will provide you personalized feedback, if you’d like!

To learn about and sign up for the online training, [click here]