Welcome to Synergy Autism Center

Learn about who we are at Synergy. We may look small when you are here at our main office but we are providing services in homes, the community, and across the globe!

Behavior 101 & The Role of Setting Events

It is often assumed by professionals that parents know the principles of behavior management... but how could you know them if you haven't been taught? Here are some basics about behavior that you should know.

Visual Strategies

It is very common for people with autism to have auditory processing needs that are mild to severe. Adding visual information and decreasing auditory demands can really help. This tutorial provides you with an understanding, along with ideas you might try today.

Organization and the Autistic Mind

The cluttered or overwhelmed mind is not one that can think clearly. For autistic individuals, (adults often like to be referred to as “autistic” vs. “having autism”, an organized environment can truly create clearer thinking. This video helps you understand why AND gives you some ideas to try at home or other settings.

Mindful Communication

We wish to help your child have his or her mind full of wonder, excitement, and curiosity vs just focused on compliance or getting through a day. This video helps guide you in how to change your communication to support your child, student, or loved one in doing more of the thinking for themselves... which leads to greater independence, by the way.

Curiosity to You (C2U)TM

This video tutorial describes a technique that is unique to Synergy Autism Center and is in the research and development phase. This technique targets the very heart of the challenges seen in autism of all severities: joint attention. This technique is so simple yet often requires a serious shift in the guides' thinking and habits of interaction with their loved one with autism. This video tutorial walks you through the “why” and then the “how” to apply this simple yet interaction changing technique.