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Barbara Avila

Barbara Avila is the owner and autism consultant at Synergy Autism Center.  With over 30 years of experience in the autism field, she specializes in connecting with people on the autism spectrum and coaching parents to become better guides for their children of any age.

Barbara holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a Masters degree in developmental disabilities.  She was a certified RDI consultant from 2005-2018 and is also Level 1 Gottman trained.

She has worked as a teacher, international trainer, behavior specialist, group-home parent, and has volunteered with many organizations, including the Autism Society of Oregon and Fidgetech.  



Jonathan Chase - Colleague, Friend, and Advocate

Typically, Jonathan manages the Synergy office including scheduling and new client intakes, however he has currently shifted his attention to social justice issues occurring in our Portland Metro.  He is currently taking a hiatus from the Synergy work, so please contact Barbara directly (barbara@synergyautismcenter.com). Jonathan is a professional musician, autism/autistic advocate, author, and works as a public speaker and one-on-one mentor to teens and young adults on the spectrum.


Debbie Gobel - Colleague, friend, client-family

When we are not in a pandemic, Debbie assists with filing, managing documents, and general office support.


Maggie - Executive Assistant and Very Good Dog

Maggie is enjoying Barbara working from home during this time and can sometimes be seen during the online calls!

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