Connect 1st: Relationship before Consequences

In today's video-blog (vlog), I give you a few things to think about in regards to managing challenging behaviors. You have to connect 1st and frequently! Without a relationship with a child or individual, your consequences will go flat or only work in the moment. SO...

  1. Continue to work on calming yourself overall so that you can be the guide who can manage the moment yourself and not escalate with the individual.
  2. Make time to connect both before and after tough moments. Do not hold grudges. Ensure a connection and a relationship with the person who is having challenging behaviors.
  3. In the middle of a meltdown/storm, reduce the negative loops. Be the adult, the guide, to NOT engage in the continuation of a negative loop/cycle that is continuing the trauma.
  4. Connect as soon as the storm seems to be passing
  5. Provide then and only then appropriate and situational consequences as you see fit.

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