Consultation with Professionals

We regularly consult with other professionals including teachers, therapists, doctors, caregivers, and other support staff.

Caregivers/Personal Support Workers

We provide training, consultation, and counseling to ensure that everyone in your support network is supported and has the tools they need to be prepared, healthy, balanced, and successful. Please note: we do not hire people to work in your home or at our center.


Barbara approaches autism from a developmental and personalized perspective. She can discuss almost anything autism related from how to set up the environment to how to provide safe challenges. She can discuss structures that will support people with autism and enjoys putting her head together with other professionals for ensuring ideal progress for her clients.


Barbara has provided numerous trainings and consultation to school administrators and staff. Having been a teacher and autism consultant within the school system, she can help write social-cognitive goals from a developmental perspective, help set up organizational systems for students to be as independent as possible, strategize ways to reduce challenging behaviors, guide educators to coordinate with parents, and many other topics as needed. 


Personal Support Workers, group home providers, and others, often do not know very much about autism. Barbara provides training and support to people needing to quickly understand autism processing and how to best provide support.

Lawyers and Legal Teams

Barbara offers both consultation and expert witness testimony in legal cases.  While she is not able to offer legal advice, she is available to assist legal teams in cases where autism experience and understanding is needed.  She is also available for treatment support to the perpetrator and family for greater success following incarceration.

Synergy Autism Mentorship Training

Parents, professionals, and caregivers can become certified in Synergy Autism Mentorship (SAM); this course teaches many techniques to help you guide, communicate, and connect with individuals on the autism spectrum.  We offer 3 levels of SAM training, with Level 1 focused on communication and connection, Level 2 on Co-regulation, and Level 3 covering more advanced connection techniques using “plot twists.”