Family Support

We offer both individual and parent-mediated support for people of any age and across the autism spectrum.  Services can include the whole family, just the parents, or a balance of one-on-one coaching sessions with the individual as well as the parents.

Our approach combines a number of different tools and styles together into something unique.  We utilize methods from Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other traditional autism therapies combined with Barbara’s own systems.  If you’re looking for something different, or other methods didn’t quite click for you, then we may be what you are looking for.

In addition to coaching sessions, we have options for more detailed evaluations through parent-interaction observation or home or school observations.  Most sessions take place in our office, but these options are available for situations where we need to see what’s going on in person in order to make recommendations.

Our office is based in southwest Portland, OR, but we also offer Zoom video conferencing for those who are not local or cannot make it into the office for in-person sessions.

We see individual and family as a unique unit, requiring a customized approach; each family has different needs, and we tailor our services to match.  We’re happy to talk with you about your needs and specific areas you would like to address. There are some common areas that we regularly assist families in addressing:



Barbara has years of experience writing behavior assessments and support plans. She has seen it all and has the tools and supports ready to help your family.  She is ready to assist with everything from verbal outbursts to dangerous physical situations such as hitting, biting, kicking, throwing objects, or making physical attacks against teachers, family members, peers, etc.  She also works with clients who have self-injurious behaviors.

Adult Independence/Transition

Adults on the autism spectrum and their families often have very different needs from children on spectrum. Support can include getting the adult child and parents on the same page, adjusting or increasing expectations, managing time and accountability, or assisting with transition into independent living, college, or other new environments.

Joint Custody

When parents are divorced or live apart, children of all ages can struggle when in transitioning from one environment to another.  We help parents get on the same page, create consistent rules and environments, and improve consistency for the child in each environment.

Parent Coaching and Guidance

Even the most knowledgeable and well-equipped parent needs some support. Support can range from getting some new tools and strategies to talking through recent events and getting some perspective. Barbara meets you and your family where you are, whether you’re in a balanced place already or managing a crisis right now.

If you need to co-parent successfully, Barbara is trained in Gottman Level 1 Couples Counseling to help you get on the same page. If you are ready to dive into providing optimal and daily practice for your child of any age in social engagement and flexible problem solving, she is ready to provide that support to you.

Video Review

We regularly have parents capture video at home or in the community so we can make recommendations based on your interactions.  This is a great way to get feedback based on actual experiences. Integrated into the cost of your hourly consultation is video review time between sessions at no extra cost.

IFSP and IEP Support

Barbara has attended countless Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and Individualized Education Plans (IEP) meetings, helped clients review past plans, prepare for meetings, and can attend school meetings to offer direct support and recommendations to the team.

Team Management

Barbara has experience managing support teams including parents, teachers, professionals, and caregivers.  Some families find it helpful to have someone available who can speak the language of numerous agencies and help get everyone on the same page.

Data Collection, Tracking, and Visual Supports

We have many systems and tools available to help you gather, analyze, and understand data.  We also find it helpful for everyone when we present information visually. Using data and visuals, we target everything from social skills to stress management.  If you like charts, spreadsheets, or diagrams, Barb has something for you (and if not, she will create one!).


Jonathan Chase offers mentoring services for teens and young adults.  These one-on-one sessions can be paired with parent coaching with Barbara for a combination of perspectives and unique support to the individual.