Do you accept insurance or Oregon Health Plan (OHP) for your services?

We do not bill insurance directly, it is up to our clients to talk with their insurer about coverage and to request reimbursement for services.  We will work with families and their insurer as needed.

Do you accept payment through County Developmental Disability / K-Plan?

We accept a limited number of clients through DD.  Contact us to see if there is an opening available.

We are interested in Synergy services, how do we get started?

We usually have a short wait list for new clients.  If you would like to inquire about starting services or being added to our wait list please consider filling out our online form.

In the meantime, visit our online tools (Connect Online) that you can start using right now.

Do you offer ABA Therapy?

Barbara was an ABA provider for 20 years but now she uses a more relationship based and parent-mediated approach.  She offers guidance at each stage of development to raise expectations for what your child is capable of doing in his or her life and what tools and strategies may be most effective.

Unlike many traditional ABA providers, we offer full-family support and parent guidance.  We provide tools and techniques you can use every day.

What methods of payment do you accept?

A check mailed to our office is preferred.  We do not take credit cards over the phone but do accept payment through PayPal.  To pay via PayPal go here and send payment to

I see "Zoom" sessions on the scheduling page, what is that?

Zoom is a video conferencing service similar to Skype.  We use Zoom instead of Skype because it makes it very easy to schedule and join a session.  Simply book it on our scheduling page and it will send the link right to you.  Just click it to join the session at the chosen time.  Visit the Zoom website for more information on how to install and run the software.