Integrating Students with Autism?

The topic of integration has come up many times over my 30+ year career but especially in the last year or so. I thought I would create a short video for you on my thoughts on the subject!

Think integration is not in the best interest of all students? Check out this article summarizing the research showing the benefits for both disabled AND non-disabled students. One of my favorite quotes from the article: "The inclusion of students with disabilities can serve as a catalyst for school-wide improvements that yield benefits for disabled and non-disabled students alike."

Are you looking for great ideas for accommodations that will work for all students, especially those with autism? Check out Jonathan Chase's super accessible book: From Surviving to Thriving.

Want the teacher angle? Here is a great article by a teacher in favor of integration sharing why! 

You can also listen to my Synergy Autism Podcast interview with him when the book first came out by clicking here.