We have gone live!

The Synergy Autism Mentorship Level 1 Training has officially launched!

Come learn the essentials for mentoring someone on the autism spectrum regardless of which intervention you are using. There are basic fundamentals that will simply make guiding easier.

The training is all online. Even though actual time will only take you 2-3 hours to complete, you will have 3 months of access so you can go back and re-listen, digest, and think about the concepts presented.

I offer this training both with and without official certification. It is your choice. With certification, you receive my personalized feedback for you based on videos you upload to me.

I share my top 10 techniques, communication strategies to help someone think for themselves, and how to target the core issues of autism (trouble with social reciprocity & limited interests) in everyday life. Go to our LearnWorlds site to sign up and have 3 months of access to my SAM L1 Training!

Can’t wait to share this information with you! Please share this announcement with someone else you think would also benefit from this easy to take but comprehensive and thought provoking training.

And of course, let us know should you have any questions or concerns.

Barbara Avila