I can help with case management and social intervention

Navigating school age services can be challenging while they can also be a fabulous service for your child. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) can be daunting and overwhelming at times but they do not need to be that way. I can help you determine what interventions at home should look like & why, what school services should be in place & why, and how to advocate for your child in the school system.

I can help you

  • Ensure balance for yourself and partner or friends so you can stay at your best for your child(ren)
  • Navigate the sea of information on autism and development, choosing what is right for you and your child
  • Understand and address challenging behaviors
  • Create a flexible yet intensive intervention plan for your child and family at home
  • Understand and navigate school services – knowing what to ask and when
  • Be accountable for the plans you create – helping you with follow through and stay focused on the long term vision of balance and quality of life for your child and family

Targets of support

  • Self and couple care
  • Understanding the core issues of autism and how to alleviate future obstacles to social engagement
  • How to recognize and support regulation
  • How to address challenging behaviors or shut down/withdrawal
  • Play – Joining your child in their play
  • Play – Adding and elaborating on their play
  • Play – Introducing them to something new
  • Lifestyle – Bringing your child into daily life activities
  • Lifestyle – Making daily activities from diapering/toileting to eating and safety easier and positive
  • Lifestyle – Providing chore opportunities for your child to feel like a contributing member of the family/home
  • School – guiding you to understand and advocate for appropriate goals and support/services
  • School – helping you collaborate with school professionals