Services at Synergy Autism Center will be specifically tailored to your family’s needs however there is a typical outline.

  1.  INTAKE: Most families come in for an intake meeting that lasts about one hour (sometimes more if more complex needs).
  2.  CLINIC SESSIONS: Next, families begin a series of parent training and counseling sessions. These are at the office in Portland or online via internet conferencing. These meetings are usually every other week for one hour in length.
  3.  HOMEWORK: In between sessions, families send in videos and/or emails regarding their work with their child of any age at home or in the community. Barbara provides feedback based on your progress and plan of care.
  4.  HOME VISIT/ASSESSMENT: After approximately 3 months of training sessions, we schedule a parent-child interaction assessment or a home coaching session. This will allow Barbara to take things to a more personalized level with your family and child.
  5.  CLINIC SESSIONS: We then return to parent training and counseling sessions to implement the new information gleaned from the home coaching and/or assessment.

Each session is based on our rate of $150/hour.  Top service is 4 hours per month = $600/month. Most families average $300-$600/month in the first year of service.

The beauty of our work is that we truly get to know you and your family and usually build a relationship that lasts for years. We are experts in autism, development, and services. You are the expert in your child. We combine our knowledge for optimal guidance for your child and his/her future.