Hello Fabulous Professionals! Yes! I mean you! Design sessions with parents that feel productive AND supportive.

❤️ Let’s show up for ourselves so we can show up for families ❤️

I am meeting with families throughout the world and they need us to be there for them right now. They are all in and trying to do it all. They are trying to integrate school at home for their children while trying to keep and maintain their own jobs. They are trying to keep relationships with their children’s therapists, friends, family, and neighbors. They are trying their best. But it is too much. They need us to guide them not just to know what to do but also to know where they can let go. Let’s explore the ways we can support ourselves, each other, and parents to be the best they can and want to be for their children.

Join us to gain and share ideas for:

  • Designing a template for each of your sessions with parents to be the most supportive and productive as possible
  • Connecting online with families using a variety of mediums
  • Caring for yourself so that you can show up for families
  • Integrating parent support while ensuring curriculum or IEP targets for students
  • Engaging children online in a variety of ways
  • Guiding parents through challenging behaviors
  • Managing your own compassion fatigue

Join me on Wednesday, April 15th from 4 – 5:30pm

Let’s show up for them with all the love and compassion we want for them and for ourselves.