I can help you navigate the teen years

Teens, regardless of their diagnosis, want and need to start feeling like they have control over their lives. This can sometimes mean challenging behaviors but it can also mean shutting down and making their lives more secluded. I can help you navigate what is autism and what is typical of teens. I can help you set clear boundaries that your teen can follow while also respecting their unique personalities and learning styles. Our aim together is to raise your teen’s confidence in social engagements and decision making so that they can reach their personal goals and needs.

I can help you

  • Ensure balance for yourself and partner or friends so you can stay at your best for your child(ren)
  • Navigate the sea of information on autism and development, choosing what is right for you and your child
  • Understand and address challenging behaviors
  • Create a flexible yet intensive intervention plan for your child and family at home
  • Understand and navigate school services – knowing what to ask and when
  • Be accountable for the plans you create – helping you with follow through and stay focused on the long term vision of balance and quality of life for your child and family

Targets of support for parents

  • Self and couple care
  • Understanding the core issues of autism and how to alleviate future obstacles to social engagement
  • How to recognize and support regulation
  • How to address challenging behaviors or shut down/withdrawal
  • Leisure – How to help your teen enjoy a balance of leisure activities along with their responsibilities
  • Leisure – Help your teen have a variety of ways to destress/calm their system
  • Lifestyle – Bringing your teen into daily life activities
  • Lifestyle – Making daily activities from toileting to eating and safety easier and positive
  • Lifestyle – Providing chore opportunities for your teen to feel like a contributing member of the family/home
  • Lifestyle – Providing money management opportunities and guidance
  • School – guiding you to understand and advocate for appropriate goals and support/services
  • School – helping you collaborate with school professionals

Targets of support direct to teens

Teens often like to have time with me directly as they have things they’d like to talk about but naturally are trying to separate from their parents. I can serve as a mentor or make recommendations for mentors who may be a good fit for your teen. I only offer teen support in conjunction with parent support. I do not offer this as a stand-alone service.

  • Helping the teen understand their own autism
  • Guiding them to understand their own regulation and processing
  • Helping them set their own personal goals for their own balance and well-being
  • Transferring thinking and planning to the teen
  • Helping them build confidence in meeting their own life goals in manageable and achievable steps