What questions should I ask the professionals now in my child’s life?

In this video, I answer the question from a parent: “My son was just diagnosed, what questions should I ask the professionals now in our lives?”

Consider asking 6 key questions you can use to determine if each professional is a good fit for your family (not just your child):

  1. What is your philosophy about autism that drives your practice?
  2. What is your speciality (or “super power?”)
  3. How do you work with parents?
  4. What kinds of things will you ask us to do at home?
  5. What will you target in sessions?
  6. How will you evaluate progress?

These questions should help you decide if each professional will guide you to understand your child’s needs and be able to support him/her at home with that professionals recommendations. Children, especially those with autism, do best with consistency across settings.

If you are professional, consider offering the answers to these questions even without being asked… you will gain respect as well as have more positive impact with your recommendations.

Questions? Do let me know. I am happy to offer recommendations, if I feel I can!