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No matter where you are in the world, Barbara Avila provides behavioral, developmental, and relationship based support for individuals and their families. While Barb is based in both Oregon and Northern California, Barb focuses on guiding individuals, couples, and parents to better understand autism processing. She guides parents to be primary interventionists for their children (parent-mediated intervention) to improve families' lives now and in the future. Autistic individuals can find understanding and coaching for personal goals in health, friendship, love, and/or employment. Barb targets the process of learning, thinking, and interacting within our dynamic environment using current developmental and evidence based research for long term change and quality of life.

All services are via online conferencing for the convenience of less travel (and impact on the environment) as well as more accessibility to more areas of the world. When mutually agreed upon and negotiated, Barb will do home and/or community visits to provide live coaching. Once we have a better handle on Covid and its variants, she welcomes travel to anywhere in the world to help you and/or your team - providing training and ongoing support.

Please add yourself to Barb's wait list by CLICKING HERE. Barb is always trying to figure out ideal ways to serve as many people as possible. She will contact you either when she can take you individually or has other options available to you.

And please consider buying her book. It will teach you and inspire you to have deeper, more satisfying relationships when autism is in the mix. CLICK HERE to learn more about the book and to purchase.

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I'd love to speak with you about subcontracting with Synergy Autism Center while you also learn about and partner to serve individuals and families experiencing autism!

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  • Understand the core issues of autism and why they need to be our focus with and for autistic children, teens, and adults
  • Learn how to create environments that ideally and respectfully address sensory needs
  • Engage with someone with autism in ways that help them feel respected, seen, and celebrated for who they are


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish

Learn the warning signs for suicidality

Reach out if you or someone you know may be in danger of harming themselves.





"People with autism, or autistic people of any age, are often more capable than we allow them to demonstrate--until we provide the right ingredients for them to thrive." - Barbara Avila



Synergy Autism Center offers support to parents, professionals, and individuals on the autism spectrum of all ages and abilities.  We assist clients from all over the world through video conferencing and other online support options.

Barbara Avila is an autism specialist, counselor, trainer, consultant, and author with over 30 years of experience in the autism field. With Barbara’s expertise in autism and your expertise in yourself and/or your child, we will figure out the path forward. Barb's first book is set for publication in June 2021!

We tailor our services to each family and do not use a one-size-fits-all approach.  We work with individuals and families of every configuration and living situation. In most cases, sessions occur every two weeks, but we’ll determine this during your intake meeting.


Parent coaching and consulting can help you better understand your child and how to support them.  We can offer tools, resources, and new ideas so you are equipped to be the best guide you can be. Whether you’re planning for independence, working on social goals, or dealing with challenging behaviors, we can help.  

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Individuals on spectrum


Barbara doesn’t routinely have one-on-one sessions with individuals under the age of thirteen. However, Barbara will sometimes meet with them to better understand their processing strengths and challenges. Barbara’s focus is generally on parent support and guidance.


Teens often want independence and their own relationship with their coach or therapist.  Barbara often meets one-on-one with teen clients, and sessions generally alternate between parent and teen sessions to provide support for the whole family, and to ensure successful communication at home.


For adults who live at home with their parents, services usually look similar to those for teens, alternating between parent and individual sessions.  For independent adults, or those who don’t want parental involvement, one-on-one sessions can focus on self-understanding and working toward personal goals. 


Our consultation services can help answer questions about autism, give feedback on a case, or provide analysis and reports on a client.  Services can include one-time consultations, long-term team support, and expert witness testimony in legal cases involving autism.

Staff training can help a team, large or small, improve their understanding and ability to support people on the autism spectrum.

Click here for information on professional consultation or here for information on training and workshops.